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My web hero: Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks

While putting in my Forrst application, I was obligated to classify myself as either a designer, developer, or designer and developer. I had a hard time with this for a minute before I settled on the latter, but that’s a post for another day. It did, however, also trigger some introspection regarding what it is that I do exactly. As…

Vacationing with the Bawdens

Neveus and Bawdens

My friend Andrew Bawden and I have known each other for years. We worked together while Andrew was attending the University of Windsor, and although he’s from London and lives there now with his wife and son, when we’re together it’s as though not more than a day has passed since we last hung out. Every year, our families vacation…

WordPress 3.0 will help turn-around time


WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”, has been released today, and though everything that I’ve always loved about WP is still there, some great added functionality comes included right “out-of-the-box”. The best two things regarding all the new stuff, to me anyway, is how much time some of it will save me in front-end development, and how much more “on-the-fly” customization my clients…

Your portfolio is not all yours


For anyone who provides any kind of service in the creative realm, you already know the frustration that can come from having to please a client. It’s certainly not that we don’t want to please our clients, but it can be so difficult sometimes to save them from themselves.

Web designers writing their own code


When you’re a big celebrity in your field, your choice of breakfast cereal can sometimes “wow” the sheep. That kind of minutia has never moved me to change my thinking, but when Elliot Jay Stocks tweeted the words “I‚Äôm shocked that in 2010 I‚Äôm still coming across ‚Äòweb designers‚Äô who can‚Äôt code their own designs”, I began pondering.

Keep your friends close, but keep a professional freelance web designer closer


One of my very first clients asked the very reasonable question “what happens to my site if you decide you don’t wanna do this anymore”. Sometimes people equate the term “freelancer” with “hobbyist”. Mostly on faith (since I was just starting out), that good egg decided to entrust me with his project. I was able to reassure him that web…