Bill Burr understands me


Once in a while, a person comes along that you feel a connection to, a kinship, if you will. Bill Burr is one such person for me.

Though I fail to understand how it’s even possible that I’ve just discovered him, the endorphin release from my pituitary gland is off the charts today thanks to him. For the enjoyment of all, I recommend his “Why Do I Do This” stand-up routine as a warm-up, but definitely visit his website and buy his latest, “You People Are All The Same” for just five bucks!

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  1. Manuel Cantara says:

    Bill Burr’s Stand up made me laugh so much. La dernière fois que j’ai rie a ce point étai Dave Chappell “Killing me Softly” Mais si on s’attarde a son message. I think everybody got a little Burr in them.
    So the lesson learned here is….
    We must remain at all cost…
    functioning psycho.
    keep it in there.

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