Jack Layton is awesome!


As I was getting the kids ready for school this morning, my son asked me, “Dad, who would you vote for Prime Minister?”

Since we were rushing to get them dressed and get lunches packed in time to make the bus, I quickly barked, “I don’t know Josh, could you just put your shoes on please!”Jack Layton, NDP Leader

As he complied, and started looping laces, he said “…’cause I would vote for Jack Layton! He’s awesome and promises great stuff!”

I thought that was pretty telling of the momentum the NDP party seems to be amassing lately. That my 10-year-old would be affected that way and was so enthusiastic about it indicates that he’s taken something positive away from the NDP media machine. Certainly, much of that might be a product of the slant his teachers are putting on the lessons in politics they’re covering lately. But Joshua’s pretty bright and pays attention. He’s quite capable of forming his own opinions, even if they are contrary to those of his elders.

Of course, I revealed that all politicians promise all manner of things to gain office, but what’s really important is that we hold them to those promises and dole out a measure of retribution when they don’t keep their word. The true measure of a leader, I expounded, was their willingness to do what’s right and best for those in their charge, even if it doesn’t always serve them personally as well as they might like.

I went on to tell him that a few of my high school teachers told me that I should consider political science after graduating. They perceived in me elements of natural leadership ability and charisma that might serve me well in the political arena. Joshua told me that he agreed with my teachers, and that I would likely be a great politician. He said that I should think about it.

A chuckle escaped me before I could better consider my potential reaction, so I was forced to clarify. “Unfortunately” I declared, “I rather enjoy having a soul and don’t relish the thought of lying to people who depend on me to make my living.”

I hurried him out the door and vowed that I would address the confused look on his face once he returned from school.

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